ESG – Torpedo is committed to the three pillars:

Environmental: “Send torpedos, save paper, save forests”

Social: "Avoid physical contact during the pandemic, send torpedos"

Corporate Governance: “Below you can find the story of Torpedo naked and raw, neat and limpid as it can be”

Torpedo means text message, is synonymous of SMS in Brazil (Short Message Service). Created and broadcasted by Radio Jovem Pan on since 1997, the brand Torpedo became the name used by Brazilians to messages sent by mobile phones. After the privatization of the telecommunications sector in 1998, Gradiente (cell phone manufacture) bought the name Torpedo to call SMS services of their mobile phones manufactured since 2000 and then the company Claro (mobile operator), at the time named BCP, became legally licensed to market torpedos since 2002 consolidating the penetration of the name torpedo in Brazil. Nokia becomes licensed to use Torpedo brand for the SMS services of it´s mobile phones manufactured in Brazil since 2003.

In October 2013, the search for Whatsapp surpassed the search for Torpedo since people were able to send messages from cell to cell through a totally free service , Whatsapp. Nowadays few people send text messages when compared to the number of Whatsapp users and text messages are heavily used by companies for sending advertisements and for communication such as notices of medical appointments, confirmation of registration on websites, resetting passwords, etc. Thus, currently the cell phone user has received more text messages than sent, but our name remains in their vocabulary characterizing the SMS service present in all mobile devices.  

Of course, without the strong disclosure of media companies, cell phone manufacturers and mobile phone operators, our name Torpedo would not have conquered the public domain, but in addition we also have an affinity with the Portuguese language, Latin and Brazilian popular speech, where torpedo also means ray fish and in some places or times a love note, with all this information correlated as shown in the article published on July 31, 2020 by Veja magazine: "How the torpedo came out of the ocean to explode on the cell phone".


We are a family owned and operated business: Torpedo Licenciamento, Mídia, Publicidade e Participações Ltda , owner of the Torpedo brand and of the domain, we are proud to promote the maintenance of the licensing contracts of the brand that is in the third decade of concession within the INPI - Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial. It is a pity that some large companies, some with annual profits of billions of dollars, prefer to use our name without proper licensing. However, we have a good neighborhood policy and we never enter or suffer a single lawsuit although we have notified Rede Globo (television channel) and the unlicensed mobile operators of the misuse of our name in addition to opposing registration attempts since 1999. In the past we have planned working with mobile marketing (advertisements via torpedos) and Torpedo would certainly be the best possible name for this purpose, however we have discontinued this project and remain only maintaining license agreements. For this reason, we believe that it will add more value to a company that sells torpedos.

How much does Torpedo cost?

At this moment, we do not intend to evaluate the brand based on the revenue obtained by mobile operators from the torpedo market (as they call their SMS) or the fact that the name Torpedo has become known to all Brazilians, even if we wanted to do so. operators would be more likely to use their economic power not to buy the brand, but to feed their legal sectors in order to delay the misuse of torpedos as much as possible. Thus, we are ready to transfer the Torpedo brand, this domain br and optionally our company with corporate name also Torpedo for the same amount negotiated in 2000 before the operator Claro signed a license agreement in 2002, before the acquisition of the domain in 2016 and before INPI reformed its expiring decision against the order of the operator Vivo in 2018: R$ 600,000.00 (six hundred thousand reais) corrected from 05/31/2000 to today.

We believe that we can attract interested parties with the following profiles:

Mobile phone operators: being the companies that most use torpedos, two benefits are unquestionable: A) AUTONOMY / PRACTICALITY / FREEDOM / SPEED / DIFFERENTIAL / MARKETING QUALITY - its marketing, advertising, customer communication, editing departments, printing, engineering, billing, charging, etc. they could freely use the name torpedo without having to consult their legal sectors using a few words composed of more than one word in addition to torpedo, doubtfully permitted. In practice, operators who use the name improperly are not restricted to only the compound names granted to them, simply consult their account statements, websites, brochures, advertisements, etc. B) PREVENTION / SECURITY - another great benefit would be the prevention that they would never be at risk of being charged with royalties and retroactive, current and future indemnities for misuse of torpedoes. Nor would they ever run the risk of having to harm themselves from not using the term torpedo looking at a competitor. If today there is a gentlemen's agreement between the competitors, nobody knows tomorrow. C) REVENUE / DIFFERENTIAL - additionally, the third benefit is OPTIONAL, preventing competition from using the term torpedo and may even charge royalties and retroactive, current and future indemnities.

Media companies: television stations, radios, advertising, advertising and marketing agencies, or any company that works with sweepstakes, advertisements or SMS communication systems. 

Mobile phone manufacturers: to name your device's messaging services.  

Lawyers, businessmen, investors: according to lawyers and trademark/patent specialists, a law firm or an investor who wants to bet on the torpedo should open the first lawsuit for misuse of the name. An agreement may be reached, but not after the end of the process, after approximately ten years, in the third instance, a judge will determine the right to the exclusive use of the name torpedo or not. Once the investor succeeds in the court, royalties due and retroactive compensation from current and future users of all undue usage can finally be executed. When there are a large number of attempts to register the same name with the INPI, it is customary to erroneously grant some conflicting registrations that can be canceled by court or administrative route after judicial success against a user. As of October 2020, there were 331 requests for registrations containing the torpedo name at the INPI, the vast majority of which have been denied, contested, filed or extinguished with the exception of approximately 16 operator registrations with deposit dates later than ours in the same class 38:10 referring to telecommunications, communication, advertising and advertising services, all of which are composed with the term torpedo and added by another or more terms. It should be noted that there is also an indemnity proceeding to the INPI (Brazilian federal agency) which, in addition to granting some compound names, unduly accepted Vivo's operator request for expiry and denied the manifestation of Torpedo, blocking any possibility of revenue for almost ten years until August 2018 when INPI itself went back, admitted its mistake and supported Torpedo's appeal by reforming the declaration of forfeiture and consolidating the validity of the registration that is in force.   

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